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                  Welcome to Zhejiang Yide Chemical Co., Ltd.!

                  Source:     Time: [2017-06-27]

                  Zhejiang Yide Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specialized in the research, development, production and sale of dyes and dyes intermediates. For years, the product structure and production scale have been enlarged in large scale under our efforts. Currently, it has become a production base of disperse dyes, acid dyes and dyes intermediates. Our annual output is 60,000 tons disperse dyes, 50,000 tons active dyes, and 20,000 tons acid dyes. We can provide active dyes in hundreds of specifications. In addition, our products are welcomed by wide users because of high color fastness and fine fixation rate. What's more, we pay highly attention on customers present and future. Mutual-benefit with customers is our permanent pursuit. And our service tenet is "providing users with complete and sincere products and service". With the export of products, we also offer oversea customers with services as, regular visit, customized-products according to customer requirements, and quality improvement solution. In order to meet market requirement, we have established 13 branch offices and over 100 dealers in the country to provide door-to-door service. Enterprise culture For decades, our company is under great development. Under the leading of professional staffs, we have cultivated enterprise culture with "Yide" characteristics. Enterprise mission: develop high quality, energy saving and environmental friendly dyes and technique to meet customer requirements; Enterprise core value: customer first, market-oriented, concrete, integrity; Employee principle: make the best use of talents; Enterprise spirit: harmonious, dedicated, innovative, and progressing; And our purpose is developing international professional and excellent active dyes supplier under our effort and the guidance of our special enterprise culture. Currently, we have 400 employees, including 3 Doctors, 5 Masters, and 33.7% of them are with college degree or above. In addition, we cooperate with famous universities and research institutes, such as Zhejiang University of Technology, Shenyang chemical research institute, to develop new products and improve product quality and technique. Our research center is equipped with advanced equipment and facilities, such as, import HPLC, CS, UV, dynamic light scattering, potentiometric titrator and etc. Our company has passed ISO9001 quality management system authentication and ISO14000 environmental system authentication. Meanwhile, our company has been prized as "Shaoxing Credit Enterprise" for years.

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