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                  General manager speech

                  Our dreams

                  Yide, founded in 2001, just 10 years, is the people of the hard work and sweat achievements of today's brilliant. Enterprises have been carrying forward the pragmatic innovation and the pursuit of excellence in the spirit of enterprise, through independent innovation, the dye industry to become the top five.

                  Yide, as a people-oriented enterprises, adhere to respect for talent and team winning business philosophy, embodies the all corners of the world of high-quality talent, from a production workshop, developed into two production bases: Zhejiang billion Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Shengji Chemical Co., Ltd.; two sales companies: Shanghai billion in Chemical Co., Ltd., Shanghai New Can Limited.

                  Yide, as a responsible enterprise, adhere to the integrity of integrity and responsibility for the moral customs, the development of green chemicals, to provide customers with high-quality products and value-added services to Thanksgiving return to the community care, committed to become a good business A model of citizenship.

                  Yide, to seize the historical opportunity of China's reform and opening up and economic take-off, to develop and implement international development strategy, dedicated to creating a world-class dye supplier's dream, and unswervingly create a colorful life for mankind!

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